Running for a new generation of diverse conductors!

Having been a “minority” conductor I know that to change the industry, we need to give opportunities in training leadership on the podium. The Fifth Annual Cascade Conducting Masterclass, with the motto “Excellence through Equity,” is dedicated to bringing world-class musical education to talented and diverse musicians from the US and around the world.  Conceived by Paula Madrigal, Teo Benson, and myself in 2017, Cascade Conducting is officially a program of Orquesta Northwest, a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Since 2018, the program has given out 25 full tuition scholarships equaling more than $40,000 to exceptional young conducting students, with a focus on engaging talented BIPOC musicians who may not have access to traditional conducting opportunities. Let’s support the next cohort on their journey!

On June 12th, I ran my first full marathon to raise money for the Cascade Conducting scholarship fund. We have reached $5,000 and appreciate any further support.

Running a marathon has long been a dream of mine after surpassing Lyme Disease, ACL knee surgery. I can’t give enough thanks to my physical therapist, Alison Unterreiner, for helping me prepare uninjured and succeed with a great time and place! For those who are curious I finished 6th place for my division, with a time of 3 hrs and 38 mins and 14 seconds, and qualified for the Boston Marathon by a good bit with an average pace of 8:19/mile.

Now, let’s give opportunities to these fresh new talents on the podium!

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