I was once asked what I might have done with my life had I not become a conductor. Had I followed a different path, I may have become a neuroscientist, studying the effects of classical music on brain development, considering how we are changed as performers, students, listeners, and ultimately as members of a culturally rich and civil society. I believe that research would show the unparalleled value of music to humanity; an essential component of education, as important as Math, English, and the Sciences.

My vision as a conductor is to share the gift of both classical and contemporary orchestral music and in doing so to entertain you and inspire you to embrace your creative spirit. I cherish being a music director because of the depth of meaningful work that develops – the connections, partnerships and opportunities which enable new initiatives, creations and collaborations that are unique and specific to the place and people. Engaging in dialogue within our community and beyond empowers the voices of today alongside the epic history of orchestral music.

In the LIFE section of this website you are invited to get to know Sarah through articles, photos, personal writings, reflections and the trials and tribulations of being a working mother in a leadership position that has fought for equality for decades.





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