News: 2024 Heritage Award for Special Programs and Collaborations

Sarah Ioannides | Symphony Tacoma Music Director | Female Conductor and Composer

“Every year at our annual meeting, the Heritage League of Pierce County recognizes the outstanding heritage work carried out in our county by museum and community professionals. The goal of these awards is to recognize achievement among our members and affiliates doing heritage work in Pierce County.

The Heritage League of Pierce County is pleased to announce that the Tacoma Method opera, Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation, Tacoma Opera, and Tacoma Symphony have been selected for a 2024 Heritage Award in the category of Special Programs & Collaborations.  Our board members particularly wish to honor the cooperation between so many individuals and organizations to educate our community about this important and tragic chapter of Tacoma’s history.” – Heritage League of Pierce County

BIG THANKS TO the Heritage League of Pierce County for the award. And all who worked hard to bring this incredible piece to life. 

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