Sarah Ioannides-Project-Romeo and Juliet

Riots and Prayers

Music by Daniel Bernard Roumain

Riots and Prayers is a work for large orchestra and an array of ‘Speakers’.

Speakers can speak in any language and be drawn from the local community; amateur or professional musicians; dancers, sign language artists, or any movement artists; painters or visual artists; pre-recorded video moments or live, on-line talking heads; members of the orchestra who would like to speak and/or play a short solo on their instrument; members of the Board or administrative staff; solo, small groups, singers, vocalists, or ensembles improvising their parts with the orchestra; the conductor or assistant conductor(s); young children or senior citizens; the able or disabled; or anyone who has a deep need to say or express themselves — with their orchestra — within a moment of music, trust, and collective expression.

Speaker for the world premiere featured speakers from the AFL-CIO, King Street Center, Outright VT, St. Albans & singer/songwriter Dwight Ritcher.

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