An Interview with Sarah Ioannides and Daniel Bernard Roumain

Sarah Ioannides | Symphony Tacoma Music Director | Female Conductor and Composer

The Vermont Symphony Orchestra opens its 2022-2023 season this weekend. Vermont Public Classical’s James Stewart interviews the conductor for the concert, Sarah Ioannides, as well as one of the evening’s featured composers, Daniel Bernard Roumain.

James: As a candidate for the role of Music Director with the VSO, what is your vision for the future of the orchestra?

Sarah: …greater listenership, more classical music lovers, a younger audience. I know that the symphony’s already developed many different kinds of concerts and venues. Traveling the state reaching people is an important part of the vision. I would be really excited to further this, bringing that into the concert hall or taking it out into the digital world. Different things I’d like to explore when I come and see what the synergy with the community is and with the talents that I have.

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