Concert Preview: Symphony Tacoma presents: “Remembrance”

Sarah Ioannides | Symphony Tacoma Music Director | Female Conductor and Composer


Tacoma, WA — This year celebrates the 150th anniversary of Verdi’s Requiem, his monumental choral masterpiece that transcends the traditional boundaries of the Requiem mass with its dramatic intensity and emotional depths. Symphony Tacoma proudly joins the celebration with its premiere performance of this epic piece at Remembrance on Saturday, February 24th. Symphony Tacoma, Symphony Tacoma Voices, and four renowned soloists means over 160 musicians will be on the Pantages stage.

The Requiem premiered on the first anniversary of Manzoni’s passing and was immediately labeled a masterpiece. One review commented, “To follow the movement one by one would be quite impossible; but we will say, nevertheless, that all applauded with rapture. The ‘Dies Irae’, with all the episodes which it comprises, was received with extraordinary favor. But at the ‘Offertorium’, the enthusiasm knew no bounds, and the public insisted on the repetition of this admirable quartet with chorus … At the ‘Agnus Dei’, the applause grew louder, and suppressed shouts broke out during the performance, so powerful was the inspiration which it revealed … After the ‘Offertorium’ had been repeated, a silver crown was presented to Verdi on a velvet cushion, whilst the public applauded with rapture.”

Symphony Tacoma Music Director, Sarah Ioannides comments, “Something like Verdi’s Requiem can have a lasting effect on you. The conveyance of the emotions that surface when you hear something like this; when you have so many forces on stage, and such a direct communication with the composer himself. With Verdi’s passion, feelings of grief, loss, and sadness but also at the same time with hope, and lightness, and joy. That moment of loss is also the moment of rebirth. So, let’s come together and celebrate life and humanity!”

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